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Amazon and the Parkinson’s Foundation announced a collaboration to increase access to Parkinson’s education and resources via the Amazon Alexa smart speaker.

For people with Parkinson’s disease and their carepartners, this means getting accurate information is now as easy as asking Alexa. All answers provided come directly from the Parkinson’s Foundation’s website, a nonprofit that has been active for over fifty (50) years with a mission to “make life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure.

Why A Smart Speaker Gadget for Parkinson’s Disease? reported last June that at least 20% of people over the age of 60 own a smart speaker device with at least 70% of them using an Amazon Alexa product, like the Amazon Alexa.

In fact, at least 45% of people over 60 use their smart speaker device on a daily basis. This is the second highest frequency following the 30-44 year old demographic. Smart speaker and technology adoption continues to increase across all ages.

As we turn more toward technology to make our lives easier–be it finding the weather and local news, or to tell us a joke; the Parkinson’s foundation and Amazon are aware that the quality of the information provided to their constituents matters.

What This Means For You

Now, the information you request through an Amazon Smart Speaker, is smarter than ever. By partnering with the Parkinson’s Foundation, the information has been vetted for accuracy.

I would anticipate that you will find more and more Parkinson’s specific tools and resources available via smart speakers as it becomes more ubiquitous.

Technology innovations continue to improve the daily lives of people with Parkinson’s be it immediate access to accurate information about your Parkinson’s-related questions or a wearable device, like SpeechVive, that provides you with immediate communication improvements.

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