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Steeped in research and spreading our reach to meet the communication needs of people with Parkinson’s disease.

Communicate when you’re ready to say something. The SpeechVive device is always on and ready to go, triggering your louder voice every time you speak.

We believe communication is about connection.

Our SpeechVive technology gives people with Parkinson’s the ability to connect with those they care about most, their partners, children, loved ones, and colleagues.

SpeechVive’s mission is to improve the quality of communication for people with Parkinson’s disease by empowering care partners and clinicians with technologies and support to restore one’s ability to communicate.

Steve and JessicaWhen Dr. Jessica Huber started researching the most efficient and effective way to increase speech volume for people with Parkinson’s, she discovered that using an automatic reflex of speaking in sound was more effective than traditional approaches. She searched for a device that would do just that — put a little “bubble of noise” in her patients’ ears. She discovered, nothing existed.

A conversation transpired between Jessica and biomedical engineers at Purdue University to discuss just what it would entail to give her patients the device she knew they needed.

Work began. Years passed, prototypes were developed, and clinical trials were completed. The technology worked. Patients could wear a device in a single ear and be automatically triggered to speak louder without any additional cuing or therapy.

Jessica took her amazing results to the biotech incubator on Purdue’s campus (The Alfred Mann Institute, AMIPurdue) where she met Managing Director, Steve Mogensen. AMIPurdue worked with Jessica on refining and developing the device. More prototypes and more testing continued to strengthen the product and the research behind it.

In 2013, Steve licensed the technology from Purdue and co-founded SpeechVive, Inc. with Jessica.

Steve and Jessica have built a team with years of experience in healthcare and Parkinson’s disease and are committed to creating life-changing moments for all our customers.

Meet Our Team

“I was amazed by how immediate the improvement was to their loudness and the effect it had on their communication. It was such an emotional experience for spouses to be able to engage in conversation with their husband or wife for the first time in years.

I still get emotional when I hear from a spouse or family member about how life changing SpeechVive has been for them.”

– Steve Mogensen, CEO | SpeechVive

Listen to Dr. Huber’s Ted Talk

“Every Little Idea has the opportunity to change someone’s life. That’s true even if it’s just a little bubble of noise.”