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Is SpeechVive Right For You?

Produce your best voice with less physical and mental effort than leading Parkinson’s speech therapy programs.

A SpeechVive device is an excellent option for people with Parkinson’s to improve volume and clarity. It’s as easy as putting the SpeechVive in your ear and starting to speak. Your voice is louder, automatically.

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Are you experiencing any of these Parkinson’s speech or voice changes?

If you answer “yes” to ANY of these questions, you’re likely experiencing changes to your voice that may be caused by Parkinson’s disease.

  • I often have to repeat myself or am told to speak up.
  • It’s difficult to communicate on the phone.
  • Frequently, it’s difficult to participate in social situations.
  • I find it frustrating to communicate, or others are easily frustrated by my speech.

If you answer “yes” to ALL of these questions, SpeechVive may be an option to improve your speech.

  • I typically speak above a whisper.
  • Increasing my speech volume would improve my ability to communicate.
  • My speech is a concern of mine, and I plan to discuss it with my doctor.

Do you have more questions about if you’re a candidate?
Check out our frequently asked questions for more details.

Reclaim confidence when having conversations with family and friends, transforming the way you live with Parkinson’s disease.
Take back your voice.

Communication is key to being involved in your relationships, life, and being an active member of your care team. Take the Parkinson’s voice test to find out if SpeechVive will work for you.

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Customer Profile

Terri was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over 15 years ago. She’s active in her community, participates in research studies for Parkinson’s disease, enjoys Rock Steady Boxing, and spends time with her family. She first noticed changes to her voice when her manager told her she was talking “way too slow” on the phone with customers.

“One of the worst parts of Parkinson’s was my speech. I think I talk loud enough, but my speech would be drawn out and very slow.”

“SpeechVive has made a huge difference in my self-confidence. I was slowly dropping out of conversations because I was so embarrassed. I noticed probably two weeks into using the SpeechVive that my rate was picking up.”

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