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Would your patients benefit from improved speech volume and clarity? SpeechVive is the solution.

Are you discussing communication changes with your patients? Patients with Parkinson’s disease frequently report changes to speech and voice, significantly impacting their quality of life. It often contributes to social isolation, feelings of hopelessness, and higher incidences of depression.

Up to 90% experience speech changes

Up to 90%

of people with Parkinson’s disease experience speech and voice changes.

Where to Start

Use this quick speech assessment with your patients and their care partners to start a conversation about their communication.

Try SpeechVive

Determine if your patient’s a candidate for the SpeechVive device. If they answer “yes” to any of these questions, SpeechVive is an option for them.

  • My patient typically speaks above a “whisper.” There is still vocal fold vibration and phonation consistently.
  • Increasing speech volume could improve my patient’s overall ability to communicate effectively.
  • My patient and/or their caregiver is concerned about their speech.
  • My patient understands that wearing a speech aid could help their communication.
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“I’m getting results in one session that used to take 16. Now I have more time to focus on additional treatment goals with my Parkinson’s patients.”

– SpeechVive Clinician

How is SpeechVive different from the other Parkinson’s speech therapy programs?

Often, when your patient gets a Parkinson’s diagnosis, it leads to a schedule of doctor visits and high-intensity therapy programs. SpeechVive leverages a reflex that cues louder speech automatically and immediately.

Less time in therapy focused on speech volume improvement. Immediate results for your patients requiring less of a cognitive and physical load when speaking.

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