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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Insurance

Does my insurance cover the SpeechVive cost?
The Veterans Administration and Medicare cover the SpeechVive cost. Most private insurance companies also cover it, but individual plans can vary. The best way to find out your insurance coverage is to fill out the order form, and you will be contacted by an authorized supplier to discuss this in detail.

Do I need a speech assessment for Parkinson’s disease before I can get a SpeechVive?
While you do not need a formal speech assessment, insurance does require medical documentation of your communication changes. The assessment can be completed during a visit with your doctor.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my insurance claim?
The Authorized SpeechVive Supplier you selected on your order form will be able to assist you with any questions regarding the insurance process. SpeechVive does not have access to this information.

How much will the SpeechVive cost?
Standard copays and deductibles will apply. The Authorized SpeechVive Supplier you selected will be able to answer this question based on your specific coverage and insurance plan.

Questions about calibrating the SpeechVive

Do I have to have the SpeechVive calibrated?
Yes. SpeechVive must be customized to your voice, and volume needs to give you the best outcomes possible.

How do I get the SpeechVive calibrated?
Your Authorized SpeechVive Supplier will contact you to set up an online calibration. If they have not, please contact them directly.

What is involved with an online SpeechVive calibration?

  • You will be sent a link to download the SpeechVive calibration software.
  • You must download it on a computer. A tablet will not work (Windows 7, Windows 10, or Mac.)
  • You must be able to connect 2 USB cords to your computer.
  • You need to have a web camera to interact with the calibration technician.
  • Have a care partner present who can assist you with the technology and equipment, if needed.

How long does calibration take?
It typically takes less than 30 minutes. To prepare for the calibration, please see question #3 to streamline the process.

If I feel like the calibration wasn’t as successful as it should’ve been, what can I do?
You can reach out to the SpeechVive technical team for assistance AFTER you’ve had it calibrated by your Authorized SpeechVive Supplier.

Questions about how to use the SpeechVive

How does wearing a gadget for Parkinson’s help my speech?
The SpeechVive device leverages an automatic brain response called the Lombard Effect. This brain response triggers louder speech volume as the ambient sounds around people increases. With this Parkinson’s speech device, you speak louder, slower, and more clearly without thinking about it.

How do I wear the SpeechVive in my ear?
First, place the ear tip over the outer part of the ear canal. Then, gently secure the body of the SpeechVive snugly behind the ear, ensuring that the bridge is positioned between your ear and head.

How do I charge the SpeechVive?
First, plug the end of the power cord without prongs into the backside of the charging station. Then, insert the prongs into a household outlet. Next, the light on the front of the charger will turn blue. To charge, place the SpeechVive in the cradle of the charger. The body of the SpeechVIve should be facing the back of the charger with the earpiece toward the front. Close the lid. When the SpeechVive is placed on the charger correctly, the light will turn yellow (charging) or green (fully charged).

How often do I need to charge my SpeechVive?
Charge your SpeechVive daily. It may stay in the charger overnight or while not in use.

How should I store my SpeechVive?
Store it in the charging station with the lid closed to maintain optimal battery performance. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

How do I clean my SpeechVive?
Avoid moisture. Do not use soap, cleaning detergents, or solvents to clean the earpiece or device. Use a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe it down. Please refer to the SpeechVive users manual included with your device for any additional care or maintenance questions.

How often should I wear my SpeechVive?
It is recommended that you wear your SpeechVive every day during times when you will be talking. Wear it for at least 3 hours a day. For best results, read aloud for approximately 30 minutes, five days a week, to ensure regular practice with the SpeechVive.

Can I wear my SpeechVive every day?
Yes, it’s recommended that you wear your SpeechVive every day for the best results.

Do I have to wear my SpeechVive continuously?
No, you can wear the device as needed during the day.

Can I wear my Speechvive to bed?
No, it’s not recommended. You could damage the device or cause pain and discomfort to your ear.

Questions about candidacy for the SpeechVive

I wear hearing aids, can I use the SpeechVive?
Yes! You will need to take one hearing aid out in the ear you wear the SpeechVive.

  • When you’re in listening situations (like a movie or religious service), you may want to wear both hearing aids,
  • When you are in speaking situations (like out for coffee with friends), that would be a good time to switch out one hearing aid for SpeechVive. The majority of our customers use hearing aids and SpeechVive and find benefit in using both.

I stutter. Will the SpeechVive help me?
While we haven’t explored the use of SpeechVive for stuttering, some customers do report an improvement. However, other customers have not. Currently, we do not have criteria to determine if SpeechVive would be an appropriate tool for stuttering, specifically. You can use the SpeechVive app and discuss it with your doctor and/or speech-language pathologist.

Why won’t the SpeechVive work if my voice is a whisper?
The SpeechVive increases speech volume. If you are whispering, there are other interventions more appropriate to assist with getting your voice back. Talk to your doctor, speech-language pathologist, and ENT to discuss available interventions. Once your voice is above a whisper, SpeechVive may be the correct tool for increasing your volume.

My loved one has memory loss or dementia, can SpeechVive work for them?
Yes! SpeechVive can be a good option for people with memory loss as it does not require any new learning to follow cues. Using the SpeechVive sound cue to speak louder means it’s automatic–without any coaching or training. Your loved one may need assistance with remembering to put it in and take it out as well as some reinforcement that the cueing sound they hear is “normal.”

I’m still working and have a busy schedule. I need help with my speech, but I don’t have time for therapy. Is SpeechVive an option for me?
Yes! SpeechVive could be an option for your needs. SpeechVive gives immediate speech volume improvements and can improve rate, speech naturalness, and clarity with continued use. It is possible to have speech improvement without Parkinson’s speech treatment.

I’ve gone through LSVT Loud™ or SpeakOut™ before. Can I still use the SpeechVive?
Yes! We included research participants in studies who had undergone Parkinson’s speech therapy programs in the past, and they had similar improvements to participants who had not.

I’ve never had speech therapy before, can I still use SpeechVive?
Yes! While working with a speech-language pathologist in your area who specializes in Parkinson’s speech treatments is encouraged, discuss your needs with your doctor. Participants in SpeechVive research studies who had no prior speech therapy showed similar improvements to others who had gone through Parkinson’s speech programs.

I have a deep brain stimulator. Can I still use SpeechVive?
Yes! There is no risk of using SpeechVive with DBS. Customers experience the same speech improvements as those without DBS.

Which ear should I order SpeechVive?
Select the ear with the best hearing. If both are similar, select the ear you do not use on the telephone.

Questions from Providers

How do I order/prescribe a SpeechVive device for my patient?
Complete the online order form and mail/fax/submit it electronically to initiate the order process. Please be sure to select the same Authorized SpeechVive Supplier that your patient selected.

How do I integrate the Stratice online order platform into my EMR?
Please use the provided web link for information on integration.

What type of assessment is needed for my patients to get a SpeechVive?
Insurance requires medical documentation to support the communication disorder diagnosis and medical necessity.

What research has been conducted for the SpeechVive?
The SpeechVive device was developed out of over a decade of research that shows the device provides similar results to leading Parkinson’s speech therapy programs.

Will the SpeechVive help my patient’s dysphagia?
Currently, research has not been done specifically for using SpeechVive for dysphagia. Some studies suggest that increasing speech volume can improve swallow function.

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