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Research-Backed Parkinson’s Speech and Voice Technology

SpeechVive users diagnosed with dysarthria and Parkinson’s experience similar outcomes to other Parkinson’s speech treatment and voice therapy.

Recent research publications citing the technology of SpeechVive and its impact on Parkinson’s patient speech improvements.

Increases sound pressure levels an average of +3dB in conversational speech (approximately a 50% gain in perceptual volume).

Compares to LSVT Loud™ with similar improvements to sound pressure level and decreased in pause duration post-tx.

Significantly increases speech intelligibility

Improves vocal intensity, pausing, utterance length, and intonational contrast leading to overall communication improvement.

Users do not habituate to the sound cue

Use of SpeechVive during everyday communication lead to improved temporal coordination across laryngeal and supralaryngeal mechanisms for the majority of speakers

The sound cue in SpeechVive elicits the highest sound pressure levels for both people with Parkinson’s and age-matched peers

Participants with deep brain stimulation devices (DBS) showed the same patterns of improvement as participants without DBS

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