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Give your patients their voice back immediately with a research-based wearable Parkinson’s Speech Device.

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SpeechVive, a Parkinson’s speech device, was developed out of 15 years of research by Dr. Jessica Huber, Ph.D., CCC-SLP at Purdue University. Dr. Huber leveraged the use of a reflex to increase speech volume for patients with Parkinson’s disease automatically. Doing so achieved improvements in patients’ treatment outcomes without high-intensity interventions, like traditional Parkinson’s speech therapy programs.

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When it comes to speech aids for Parkinson’s patients, none compare to SpeechVive.

Historically, we had little to offer to our Parkinson’s patients in terms of technology for communication. Options included voice amplifiers and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices. While voice amplifiers can increase the sound of a user’s voice, patients frequently abandon them because the aid is large and intrusive, and does not improve the clarity of their speech.

Additionally, AAC devices remove the user’s ability to communicate with their voice. In turn, patients rely on a computerized technology for word and phrase production, which frequently leads to poor adoption and frustration by patients who desire to communicate verbally.

How will a speech device improve your patient’s voice?

Improve the standard of care for your Parkinson’s patients.

Have more than one intervention in your clinical tool kit when developing your patient’s plan of care. Like traditional speech and Parkinson’s voice therapy programs, SpeechVive is accepted by most insurance providers.

  • Increased speech volume and intelligibility for patients when utilizing their voice.
  • Decreased amount of patient therapy time required to achieve speech volume and intelligibility improvements.
  • Expanded scope of care for your patients with Parkinson’s disease. Spend more time addressing other impacts of Parkinson’s your patients may be experiencing.
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Leading Speech Programs for Parkinson’s SpeechVive
Time in therapy 12-16 hours x 4 weeks Less than 6 hours/year
Home Program Required Yes, continue indefinitely No
Volume Increase in Conversation +3dBSPL (approximately a 50% increase in volume) +3dBSPL (approximately a 50% increase in volume)
Covered by Medicare? Yes Yes
Cognitive and Physical Load High Low
Customer Profile

Jerry retired from his sales engineer position after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in his mid 50’s. He has become a fixture on the golf course, enjoys skiing, and when he’s not outdoors, you can find him spending quality time with his grandchildren. He underwent deep brain stimulation with success, but family and friends still couldn’t hear him, and his struggle continued.

“My grandkids and my wife couldn’t hear me, especially when we were driving in the car. We couldn’t talk to each other. I needed to do something; I was missing out on conversations.”

“With SpeechVive, I’m back in the conversation again. I’m always surprised by the positive reaction I receive from people with my new voice. SpeechVive has saved my marriage.”

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SpeechVive medical device customer
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