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The SpeechVive Tele-Calibration portal allows clinicians to calibrate the SpeechVive and gather data, remotely.

Download the SpeechVive tele-calibration clinician software

Tele-Calibration technical requirements:

  • Computer (Mac iOS, Windows 7, or Windows 10). A tablet will not work
  • Web camera
  • Internet access
  • Microphone and Speakers (these are typically already part of the computer)
  • It is advised to have access to both a SpeechVive device and the Samson go-mic during calibrations to model the correct connection and wearing of the device.
Download SpeechVive for Clinician

Setup and Training

SpeechVive continues to be committed to providing free clinical support to all clinicians in the field. Please contact our clinical team for training and support. We will issue you the User and Password needed to utilize the tele-calibration portal during training.

How to prepare for a successful tele-calibration

A few simple steps can help you have a successful tele-calibration experience:


Download the software AND restart your computer BEFORE your scheduled calibration appointment.

Provide your client with their unique SESSION ID.

Have a SpeechVive and Samson go-mic as well as associated USB cords available to model for your client.

Encourage your client to have a care partner present to participate in the session (*ensure at least one has computer skills for downloading software and accessing email).

Confirm that you have a phone number to contact your client in the event of technical difficulties.

Setup in a quiet space. You may prefer to wear headphones to hear your client’s voice better.

For more information, check out the FAQ.

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