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Congratulations on your new SpeechVive device. You’re taking a big step toward improving your communication.

For optimal benefit, your SpeechVive must be calibrated to your voice. Calibration can be completed by a trained technician using our tele-calibration platform.

Download SpeechVive for Client

How to prepare for a successful tele-calibration

A few simple steps can help you have a successful tele-calibration experience:


Download the software AND restart your computer BEFORE your scheduled calibration appointment.

Connect the SpeechVive and Samson Microphone to your computer.

Have all the equipment shipped with your SpeechVive close by.

Have a care partner present to participate in the session (*ensure at least one of you has computer skills to download software and access email).

Have your phone close by in case your technician needs to call you.

Setup in a quiet space. Your technician will be taking measurements of your voice, and quiet is essential for this.

For more information, read the FAQ.

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