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Spend less time in therapy and more time talking with SpeechVive, a speech aid for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

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SpeechVive wearable device for Parkinson's Disease patients

Speak with your best voice using a speech device for people with Parkinson’s.

SpeechVive is a wearable speech device allowing you to speak louder and more clearly, every time you talk. It’s automatic and eliminates the need for intensive therapy.

grandparents reading to their grandchildren
For Patients

Reclaim your voice and enjoy conversations again with the SpeechVive speech device.

Improve your quality of life by experiencing louder and clearer speech immediately.

Spend more time enjoying your conversations and less time worrying about being heard.

Accepted by Medicare, the Veterans Administration, and commercial insurance plans.

Learn How SpeechVive Can Help You
clinician with a patient
For Clinicians

Giving patients with Parkinson’s disease their voice back, immediately.

SpeechVive is a wearable speech aid for Parkinson’s patients that automatically triggers the brain to speak louder, slowly, and clearly every time they communicate.

Eliminates the need for intensive therapy providing an alternative to traditional behavioral weeks-long programs.

Accepted by Medicare, the Veterans Administration, and commercial insurance plans.

Learn How To Use SpeechVive With Your Patients
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80% of people with Parkinson’s who used the SpeechVive device had an immediate improvement to their speaking volume.1
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SpeechVive is significantly less physically and mentally effortful as compared to the leading speech therapy program for Parkinson’s disease.2

1 Huber, J.E., Snyder, S., Roundtrey, C.E., Ludlow, C.L., (2016, September) Use of SpeechVive Device Improves Communication in People with Parkinson’s Disease.
2 Richardson, K. (2020, February) A Comparison of Two Forms of Intensive Voice Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.

You gave me my husband back. Now we can focus on what he wants to say, not how he says it.

wife of a SpeechVive user

If this works and I don’t have to ask my wife to repeat herself, I’m taking you to Hawaii! (It worked!)

husband of a SpeechVive user

I can talk to my mom on the phone again.

SpeechVive user

I’m able to be heard while conducting meetings over the computer and phone. Helping me keep my job.

SpeechVive user

I’m getting results in 10 minutes that used to take a month in therapy.

Speech-language pathologist

I didn’t refer my patients for speech therapy because I didn’t ever see a change when they came back for a follow up with me. With the SpeechVive, I know they’re getting an improvement.

Movement Disorders Specialist
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