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Effective October 1, 2022, Medicare is accepting orders for the SpeechVive device to dramatically increase voice volume in Parkinson’s patients allowing the device to be covered by health insurance.

SpeechVive is a prescription device and requires your healthcare provider (Dr., PA or NP) to prescribe the device for Parkinson disease related to low voice volume (Hypokinetic Dysarthria).

As a patient, you have two options, order your SpeechVive from our website or have your provider complete the order form.

As a healthcare provider, you also have two options, order the SpeechVive device for your patients on our website or download a copy of our prescription form.

SpeechVive will verify Medicare coverage, communicate directly with the patient, and ship the order directly to the patient’s home. Patients will be contacted to arrange for the device to be programmed specifically to your needs once delivered.

To learn more about SpeechVive or if SpeechVive is right for you please contact us.
You may also contact us either on the website or call 317-426-0622.

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